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Mafana Properties izay ho manjarano Tsara Material for Avo Temperature Applications.
Graphite’s most notable, and most unique property, has to be its incredible thermal properties.

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Ao hui carbon provides customized products and services for international growth markets.In the past few years, Ao hui carbon company has quickly become one of the most respected suppliers of graphite products worldwide.The company exports over 50% of its production to more than 24 countries of the world.Our ability to source the best raw material from sources worldwide and the skills of our human.

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Еженедельный обзор: поставки малых и средних спецификаций ограничены, а цена на графитовые электроды продолжает расти (04.02-04.08)

На этой неделе цены на внутреннем рынке графитовых электродов сохранили повышательную динамику, причем сильный рост был вызван в основном ультрасовременной школой и небольшими техническими характеристиками. Что касается рынка: некоторые основные электродные компании продолжали повышать свои котир...

Rising anode prices add help, the competition for graphitization resources intensifies

Starting from August 2020, the domestic lithium battery anode material market has entered a fast-rising channel. Since November, large manufacturers of lithium battery anode materials have basically been in full production. It can be seen from the figure below that the average monthly output in 2...