Weekly review: Graphitization bottlenecks gradually appear, graphite electrodes continue to rise steadily (03.26-04.01)

Weekly review: Graphitization bottlenecks gradually appear, graphite electrodes continue to rise steadily (03.26-04.01)

This week, the domestic graphite electrode market price continued to maintain a steady and rising trend. Among them, UHP400-450mm was relatively strong, and the price of UHP500mm and above specifications was temporarily stable. Due to the limited production in Tangshan area, steel prices have recently entered a second wave of upward trend. At present, the profit per ton of electric furnace steel is around 400 yuan, and the profit per ton of blast furnace steel is around 800 yuan. The overall operating rate of electric furnace steel has increased significantly to 90. %, compared with the operating rate of the same period of previous years, there has been a significant increase. Recently, the demand for graphite electrodes by steel mills has been significantly enlarged.

Market aspect
Due to the dual control of energy efficiency in Inner Mongolia and the curtailment of electricity in Gansu and other regions from January to March, the graphite electrode graphitization process has become a serious bottleneck. As we all know, Inner Mongolia is a graphitization base, and the current limited impact has reached 50%-70%, half-process The number of late finished products released by the graphite electrode manufacturers is very limited. Entering the beginning of April, the last round of steel mill procurement season has basically ended, but mainstream graphite electrode manufacturers are generally insufficient in inventory, and it is expected that graphite electrodes will continue to rise steadily in the near future.

Raw materials
The ex-factory price of Jinxi was raised by 300 yuan/ton again this week. As of this Thursday, the quotation of Fushun Petrochemical 1#A petroleum coke remained at 5,200 yuan/ton, and the offer of low-sulfur calcined coke was 5600-5800 yuan/ton, an increase of 100 yuan/ton. Ton. Dagang has entered into overhaul, and the overhaul will last for 45 days. Domestic needle coke prices have stabilized temporarily this week. At present, the mainstream prices of domestic coal-based and oil-based products are 8500-11000 yuan/ton.

Steel plant aspect
Domestic steel prices continue to rise this week, with a range of about 150 yuan/ton. End users mainly purchase on-demand. Merchants are still cautiously optimistic about the market outlook. Inventories are still under certain pressure. The market outlook mainly depends on whether demand can increase in early April. At present, the profit of many electric furnace steel plants has reached 400-500 yuan/ton, and the operating rate of electric furnaces nationwide has exceeded 85%.

Post time: Apr-02-2021